Monthly Archives: April 2014

Talk at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center

Hear me discuss the game-changing rise in facial recognition technology and other privacy threats during my recent talk at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Roundtable at the New America Foundation

I gave a lecture at the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute in Washington D.C., followed by a roundtable discussion with Kevin Bankston and Lina Khan. I also fielded insightful questions from the audience, including one on a favorite topic: How I instill good privacy habits in my two children.

Watch the full video below.

Q&A on “The Weekly Wonk”

Check out my Q&A with Lina Khan of the New America Foundation’s “Weekly Wonk.” I talk about commercial data dragnets, taking privacy-awareness to the voting booth, and more.

Marketplace Interview: Is Privacy a Luxury Good?

I spoke with Marketplace’s Ben Johnson about the wealth gap in the world of privacy: how “tech elites” utilize sophisticated (and expensive) tools to protect their privacy, while the majority of people remain vulnerable.