Monthly Archives: January 2015

GPG Encryption

To contact me using encrypted e-mail, please use my GPG public key below. This key allows you to encrypt messages to me. You need your own key, as well, to encrypt and decrypt messages. For Mac users, GPGTools software can help set you up on GPG. For Windows users, there is a program called GPG4Win.

GPG Key C664D201

Before sending an encrypted message, it’s important to verify that you have the right key by comparing the key fingerprint that you downloaded with another verifiable fingerprint. My public key fingerprint is: F292 E93A 86B3 1713 05A6  FE9F 85C9 09BB C664 D201

Crypto Tales from the Trenches

At the Chaos Communications Congress, I joined Jack Gillum, Laura Poitras, and Nadia Heninger discussing how we have used crypto and privacy-enhancing technologies in our journalism.

European Data Governance Forum

I made a few comments about the challenges facing international data regulators at the European Data Governance Forum 2014.

[INTERVIEW] Julia Angwin – European Data… by cnil

University of Rhode Island Honors Colloquium

In November, I spoke about privacy as a luxury good at the University of Rhode Island Honors Colloquium series on cybersecurity and privacy.

C-Span: Interview with Edward Snowden

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