Crypto Tales from the Trenches

At the Chaos Communications Congress, I joined Jack Gillum, Laura Poitras, and Nadia Heninger discussing how we have used crypto and privacy-enhancing technologies in our journalism.

European Data Governance Forum

I made a few comments about the challenges facing international data regulators at the European Data Governance Forum 2014.

[INTERVIEW] Julia Angwin – European Data… by cnil

University of Rhode Island Honors Colloquium

In November, I spoke about privacy as a luxury good at the University of Rhode Island Honors Colloquium series on cybersecurity and privacy.

Interview with Net Wars/Out of CTRL

I spoke with Jasmin Loerchner of Net Wars/Out of CTRL, a multimedia documentary project about cyber crime. I discussed how criminals make use of their victims’ personal data on the Web, whether I support an “Internet of Things,” and more. Read an excerpt below, or the full interview here.

When did you decide to write “Dragnet Nation: A Quest for Privacy, Security, and Freedom in a World of Relentless Surveillance”? What drove you into your experiment?

For three years, I led a team of investigative reporters who researched privacy issues. During that time, I started to feel that the continuing revelations about how much personal data was being tracked was making people feel hopeless about privacy. So I decided investigate whether I could control my personal data: I sometimes call it an investigation into whether there is any hope for privacy.

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Talk at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center

Hear me discuss the game-changing rise in facial recognition technology and other privacy threats during my recent talk at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Q&A on “The Weekly Wonk”

Check out my Q&A with Lina Khan of the New America Foundation’s “Weekly Wonk.” I talk about commercial data dragnets, taking privacy-awareness to the voting booth, and more.

Marketplace Interview: Is Privacy a Luxury Good?

I spoke with Marketplace’s Ben Johnson about the wealth gap in the world of privacy: how “tech elites” utilize sophisticated (and expensive) tools to protect their privacy, while the majority of people remain vulnerable.

Yahoo Finance’s “The Daily Ticker”

I was on Yahoo Finance’s “The Daily Ticker” to talk about Obama’s call to curtail the mass collection of phone record data by the NSA, and how tech companies have begun taking a more aggressive stance to protect their data. Read a summary, or watch below:

Interview on PandoDaily

I spoke with James Robinson of about lessons learned while writing Dragnet Nation. Read the interview here.

The Five Biggest Threats to Kids’ Privacy

I spoke with’s Dan Tynan about the five biggest threats to your kids’ privacy:

Remember back in school, when your teachers warned that everything you did would go on your permanent record? It turns out your teachers have become right. That permanent record is the Internet.

It’s hard to be a fully functioning adult in 2014 and not leave behind a digital trail. Now imagine how hard it is for your kids, who have never known a world where the net did not exist.

From the moment they emerge from the womb, they’re generating data, which is then eagerly absorbed and stored by Internet companies, government agencies and some evil no-goodniks.

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