Upcoming Talks and Events

Debating Ethics, Brussels, October 2018.

Read about past events below.

Life in a Quantified Society

Justice Codes Symposium

Chicago Humanities Festival: Citizens Under Surveillance

C-Span: Interview with Edward Snowden

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Strata Keynote: Is Privacy Becoming a Luxury Good?

Privacy Panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival

I joined FTC Commissioner Julie Brill and Quartz editor-in-chief Kevin Delaney at the Aspen Ideas Festival in CO to talk about privacy, tracking, and due process:

See more clips from the panel discussion here.

PBS: What Do Data Brokers Really Know?

While at the Aspen Ideas Festival in CO, I sat down with PBS’s Hari Sreenivasan to discuss what kinds of information data brokers gather about us, how they use it, and what we can do about it. Read a transcript of our conversation, or watch the video below.

Frontline’s “United States of Secrets”

I appeared on PBS Frontline’s two-part series on privacy and mass surveillance in the U.S.  You can watch me on part two of the program, which aired on May 20, 2014. (Part one aired May 13.) Or, read transcripts from both segments.

I also joined Frontline’s Sarah Childress and Hanni Fakhoury, a senior attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, for a roundtable discussion on how to protect yourself and your data online:

Appearance on ABC’s “This Week”

I appeared on ABC’s “This Week” with privacy researcher Ashkan Soltani to discuss how indiscriminate surveillance both on- and offline is creating a world where it will be impossible not to be found.

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