Diceware Passwords

When I was reporting my book, Dragnet Nation, I was looking for a way to build long, strong passwords. I came across a method called Diceware for creating passwords of randomly selected dictionary words that are easy to remember. But it involved rolling dice many times for each password – and so, feeling lazy, I hired my daughter to make the passwords for me.

Fast forward two years, and she has put the password business online at DicewarePasswords.com. Her business has attracted a bunch of media attention. Here’s a roundup of some of the best coverage:

This 11-year-old is selling cryptographically secure passwords for $2 each — Ars Technica.

Your Password Solution, Courtesy of an 11-year-old with her Own Start-Up, NPR’s The Takeaway with John Hockenberry.

Secure Passwords for Sale – Pix11 Morning News

A New York sixth-grader is selling really strong passwords for $2 each — Quartz.

Need a stronger password? 11-year-old Mira Modi will sell you a secure phrase for $2 – New York Daily News.
For $2, this 11-year-old girl will create you a virtually uncrackable password – Upworthy.

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