USA Today Picks Up Privacy Tips From Dragnet Nation

USA Today‘s Elizabeth Weise has published a compendium of privacy tips from Dragnet Nation.

SAN FRANCISCO — Fugitive NSA contractor Edward Snowden told attendees at South By Southwest this week that we need better computer privacy. But keeping prying eyes away from our digital lives is “something like being a vegan,” says writer Julia Angwin.

Her new book, Dragnet Nation, talks about the difficulties involved in avoiding today’s relentless surveillance — not just from the government, but also hackers and corporate collectors of information.

“Every day it’s a hassle for me to protect my and my family’s privacy. Some days you’re just a vegetarian; some days you you’re all vegan,” she said.

Still, there are simple privacy tools available. They’re not NSA-proof, but they go a long way toward erasing the digital breadcrumbs we all leave behind us.

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